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Do you know the difference between drinking wine and tasting wine? When you are just drinking wine, you pour it back without a thought while tasting  wine; you've really got to have every sense at its height and notice and record what  your feelings are telling you. It's an art that describes how you can enjoy life with tiny minor aspects. Over the years, the wine industry has involved its flavors and what they can bring to people and their relationships. At CAD, we discuss a range of topics related to love, wine, and relationships. Our approach provides a platform for people to build connections while enjoying their lives by hosting events centered on wine. We also have diversified products to inspire people to share love and build a community of care worldwide. 

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Who We Are

Our Story

Forget dry video chats or dull meetings! Chrissy is here to save the day for you.  She blends her wine expertise with her natural ability to communicate and hold any wine event that makes everyone rave.

Being the founder of CAD, Chrissy was so passionate about the wine industry, and she often helped her friends and family by giving advise to those who had a terrible experience finding the meaning of their time together. 

It all started with Insomnia, where she had difficulties while sleeping. Every morning around 2am - 4am, she struggled to sleep,  and it didn't seem to stop at all. Interestingly, she turned this into a blessing to her life by being productive at the same time. She started posting relationship advice on social media,  and it became so helpful for others while bringing so much attention to her posts. 

Eventually,  with her courage to fight back, she recovered from Insomnia, and it also made a stop to her regular content on platforms like Facebook in general.  After that,  however, she had to face the harsh reality of life once again as her granddaughter passed away, which turned her life totally upside down.  She was looking for ways to console herself,  and there was no way to withstand the loss of her granddaughter. 

As a result, she started posting content again, and she decided that so many people like her needed regular support from society. So, post COVID-19, she wanted to expand her service to the community by starting a live podcast. And then, she found out wine is a source that brings joy and helps build connections while leading them to the path of happiness. So she crafted designs to motivate individuals to speak up and go through challenging situations in their relationships. Later she got the opportunity to feature on City Soundz radio ( to inspire people through her initiative. Eventually she became a wine event organizer while extending CAD to another level.  It was the origin of an exciting journey full of happy moments together. ❤

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