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Date Night- Italian Theme

Is your favorite Italian Restaurant still closed in your area? Have an Italian Date Night at home. Prepare your favorite Italian meal or take advantage of Uber Eats or Door Dash. As a matter of fact Caviar services some of the higher end restaurants. Here are a few of my favorite Italian dishes listed below. Pick up your favorite Italian Wine. Lingnum Red Blend is an excellent one that pairs well with pasta. This is a merlot. Although it's very fruit forward it's more on the dry side. Another tasty Italian wine is Taburno Falanghina Del Sanno. This is made with falanghina grapes. This is also very fruit forward and a little on the dry side. This wine has straw yellow fruity notes with aromas of pineapple and ripe pear. Finally grab your favorite couch blanket and turn on the movie Casino, Good Fellas or binge watch The God Father. Here are some suggested movies that I haven't watched yet but the reviews were good. Black Souls, Road to Perdition, Sexy Beast, and The Irishman. Now see there you guys just spent quality time together and saved a lot of money. Don't that make you smile!!!!!!!!! Tell us your favorite Italian dish in the comments...

Cajun Shrimp Pasta - This is easy to prepare. Here are the ingredients needed.

1 tbs of kosher salt

8 ozs of penne pasta of raw shrimp

2 tbs cajun seasonings

1 tbs of olive oil

Linguini with Clams and you can substitute the clams for mussels if you like - This is easy to prepare. Here are the ingredients needed.

1lb of linguini

1lb of baby clames or black mussels

1/3 cup of extra virgin olive oil

2 garlic cloves, crushed

1pinch of crushed red pepper

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