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Date Night - Scavenger Hunt

Corona is still lurking and if you are still in the house plan a Birthday Scavenger Hunt. Pick a lovely gift out for your significant other. Hide the gift in a unique place in your house.

Give your significant other clues to help them find their gift. If there is a specific perfume or cologne you want your partner to wear. Hide the clue inside the top of the bottle and tell them to spray on the fragrance for the next clue then have them open the next clue😘. If it's a certain shoe/heel you want you partner to wear set those shoes/heels out and place a clue inside of them and instruct your partner to slip on the heel for the next clue. This hunt can be as fun and sexy as you make it. Use your imagination and Happy Hunting!!!!!!❤ Come back and let us know in the comments how you made out 😍

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